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Camellia Sasanquas are a very popular choice for the home gardener as they are disease resistant and require little maintenance.


Sasanquas will tolerate being grown in full sun or part shade. They are fast growing and will give the garden a great splash of colour during the winter months.







Choosing the right Camellia Sasanqua


If you are planting a hedge of camellia sasanquas it is important that you choose varieties with a similar growth pattern. Some grow faster than others. For example, Yuletide and Silver dollar are slow growers.


The leaves also vary in size and shade of green. Flowers vary in size as well as there are single and double blooms varieties.



Care and growing of Camellia Sasanquas


Camellia sasanquas prefer a slightly acid soil rich in humus and well drained. Dig a hole at least twice the size of the pot and break up the surrounding soil to enable the new roots to penetrate the ground. Tease out the roots if they are tightly packed.


Some pulverised cow manure mixed in the soil would be a great advantage, Never plant the plant deeper in the soil than it is in the pot. When planting a hedge of sasanquas plant them at 900 mm. intervals. This will give you a thick hedge in a short time.


Once the camellia sasanqua is in the ground compact the soil around the plant then give it a good watering. Do not allow the ground to become water logged. How often you water your Camellia sasanqua will depend on seasonal conditions at the time.


Fertilize just after the flowers have finished. There are a number of fertilisers suitable for sasanquas. You can use a camellia azalea mix or one of the slow release fertilisers. A dressing of cow manure in spring would help to keep the plant moist in summer.


Always follow the direction of the fertiliser manufacture. After the Camellia Sasanquas have flowered is the best time to prune the bush to the desired shape. This will create a healthier bushy plant.


We also have a large range of Camellia Sasanqua standards in various heights and colours.

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